​​Space Vikings!

I'm streaming LIVE for St. Jude PLAYLIVE 2016 until the end of May!
​​If you want your donation to show up on the screen during the livestream, donate via this link ​http://bit.ly/MKTwitchDonation.

Overall Rewards

For every $5

Virtual high five and I'll do an exercise - push ups, sit ups, jumping jax, etc. #HealthyGamer

For every $50

Seranade me with an awesome song! Pick a song, and I'll play it on stream for you, or if you really want to sing it to me...We can make this happen!

For every $555

I'll send you a signed photo print.

For every $5,555

I'll oil paint your portrait for you and ship it to you!

Top Donator

I'll create a painting of your choice using oil paints and ship it to you! <3

Milestone Rewards


Manbeast draws a fancy mustache on my face.


Play a game of chat's choice with only one hand. (I must own the game.)


SecretAgentDan will match our first $1,000!!! Go give him a follow!


Karaoke party! Twitch viewers pick five songs. I sing them...RIP ears. D8


Make up time! Manbeast does my makeup...And then I do his. I'm going to make him the prettiest princess ever! =P


The whole Space Viking stream team does the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled 3rd edition challenge together.


I'll become a duck for the rest of the upcoming streams, unless another goal overrides this.


Manbeast will shove a pie in my face. What flavor should we get?


I'll eat a hot pepper. I've been told Bhut Jolokia is hot. I don't even know how to pronounce that. Not even going to try.


Manbeast gets his lovely locks shaved off on stream by me.


I'll jump out of a plane and record it...FML

Other Crazy Ideas the SVK Crew Has...


Manbeast gets to make an embarrassing Tweet from my Twitter? O__O


I'll get a St. Jude tattoo.